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Generate property income without having to invest
Generate land income without investing
Shopping centres and supermarkets
Hotels and restaurants
Cities and communities
Car park operators
Other car parks open to the public
In 2025, 1 parking space out of 20 will have to be equipped for electric vehicle charging
You might as well turn this legal obligation of the French law on mobility into an opportunity with Electra!
Generate income
Generate long-term property income. We rent your parking spaces at an attractive rate.
Offer a convenient service
Provide your customers with a valuable service and an unparalleled charging experience.
Increase your traffic
Attract new customers who own electric vehicles, including Electra members.
Hubs tailored to your car park
We adapt the hubs and the number of spots to your needs and your car park.
Island charging station
End of slot charging station
Alpitronic 150
Alpitronic 300
X Charge
Alpitronic 150
For small open-air car parks. Output: 150 kW
Alpitronic 300
For large open-air car parks. Max. output. 300 kW
X Charge
For underground parking. Max. output. : 150 kW
An added value for your site
Electra application
A simple experience
Easy mobile app
Ability to book your charge
A fair price per kWh
Option to pay by credit/debit card
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Electra charger landscape
Modern hubs
20 minute charging time
High quality service
Smart power distribution
Option to pay by credit/debit card
Huge parking
Drive traffic to your site
Attract roaming electric vehicles
Showcase your facilities on the Electra network
Push sales offers during charging time
You don't have to do anything
Ready to use
The hubs are built and operated by Electra. We take care of everything!
Zero Investment
Electra covers all related investments and operating costs.
Secure power
The charging stations are connected to a new network to secure the power of the existing network.
Each hub is specifically designed with the help of a design office.
Guaranteed support
from start to finish
Your project will be completed in less than 9 months
First contact : contact us via the contact form or directly at
In one click!
Project approval : we review together the validity of your project.
48 hours
Technical visit : we examine together the eligibility of your site.
24 hours
Contractualisation : we set the payment terms and the project as a whole.
1 week
Installation : the setup of the hubs is done with great care and respect for your site and your business.
4 to 8 months
Rent : we pay you as soon as the hub is up and running.
Until contract termination
Frequently asked questions
What type of rent is paid by Electra to the landowner ?

After reviewing the eligibility of your site, Electra will issue an initial business case including the proposed rent.

We generally offer two options for the rent payment:

  • Option 1 : fixed rent only

  • Option 2 : fixed rent + variable rent depending on the performance of the hub (payment of a percentage of the turnover)

Can I host an Electra hub in an underground car park ?

Yes, this is possible but under certain conditions. In particular, the car park must be equipped with sprinkler-type fire extinguishers and comply with the latest safety standards (PS 2006). During the preliminary study phase of your site, we will discuss these questions together, after which we will then be able to confirm or not the eligibility of your site.

What requirements do I have to meet to host an Electra hub on my site ?

We consider various criteria to ensure quality of customer service, consistency in the choice of our locations, as well as the sustainability and profitability of the site.

We examine each site on a case by case basis, as each location has its own specificities.

In particular, we pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • Geographic location (car flow, main roads, urban or suburban area, presence of other Electra hubs nearby);

  • Available space (typically 8 to 16 parking spaces). Smaller slots may be considered, especially in areas where parking is scarce;

  • 24/7 access to everyone (ability for Electra customers to log in to open the entrance gate);

  • Potential users nearby (e.g., electric vehicle fleet).

What happens in case of damage, vandalism or accident at the hub ?

In case of damage, vandalism or accident at a hub, Electra's civil liability insurance policy covers the damage.

What is the legal framework setup of the partnership with Electra ?

In the vast majority of cases, it is a 10 to 15 year tenancy agreement. We can quickly provide you with a standard lease to speed up the process. The benefit is twofold. It guarantees you an income over a long period and it allows Electra to amortize the investment cost of the hub. In some cases, there are ways out.

Who is responsible for the installation and operation of the hub ?

Our model is that of a third-party investor, which means that Electra is responsible for 100% of the installation and operation of the station.

In other words, the purchase of the equipment (stations, electrical transformer), the administrative procedures (requests for connecting to the electrical network, various requests to the local authorities) are taken care of by Electra. The same goes for the design office, the coordination of the installation and the powering up of the hub by a certifying body.

Once the hub is up and running, Electra takes care of its operation, including maintenance and customer service (available 24/7 and based in France).

In addition to this, Electra pays rent to the landowner for the land lease.

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