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Electra, a team of dedicated experts

Electra is a French company founded by 3 electric mobility enthusiasts.

The first lockdown made us realise how much we enjoyed living in a less noisy and less polluted city. It was thus important not to go back to the pre-crisis way of working. That's why we decided that the acceleration of the energy transition, and particularly that of electric vehicles, would become our daily mission.

To achieve this as quickly as possible, we have tackled a major problem, which is a source of anxiety for many when it comes to switching to an electric vehicle: charging. Drivers simply want to charge their vehicles in a car park while they are shopping, on holiday, or on their way to work quickly, simply, reliably and without breaking the bank !

Electra is revolutionising electric vehicle charging with the installation of fast charging stations in all major and medium-sized French urban areas. The customer journey has been entirely redesigned to be as simple as possible with unique features both on the app and the webapp.

The company has announced a record round of financing of €160 million to simplify charging and thus stimulate the switch to electric cars. The goal is to speed up the development of the network in Europe with fast charging points open to the public. As the only pure player in the market for fast charging in France, the company will now be able to compete with the European platforms that have emerged in recent years.

Team Electra
Dedication, Generosity, Quality
Authenticity, Transparency, Proximity
Speed, Efficiency, Risk taking, Ambition
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